Entry #1

So we finally got a myspace.

2007-09-16 20:04:50 by TheProdjulum

Hey everyone maGni from "The Prodjulum" here to tell you about our myspace (which would be this link to be exact.) We would just like to say thanks to all the fans who supported us (even though you may or may not be on newgrounds) and thanks for adding us on myspace and spreading the word about us.
We are currently working on our second album "A Brighter Tomorrow" and getting things done just the way it should be done. We are uploading all the tracks to newgrounds so only newgrounds users have exclusive links to our album first hand (only because we love ya dudes so much) and we also wanted to do it for those who would rather not have to go through the trouble of asking all your "hacker" friends to go into our computers and steal it that way (which we prefer you not do.) Anyways it should be done by January/February 2008, so hang tight people, we'll send you the beats your way then.
Until next time,
Auf Wiedersehen!

P.S.: We no longer have to use the account "VirtualClepto" to get the message through so there's no need to check it anymore unless if you like to read "maGni's" stories and life events, so thanks for being there everyone!

(Picture of the new album "A Brighter Tomorrow" enclosed below.)

So we finally got a myspace.


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